I headed South Tuesday night and camped in the cool pine forest known as Pine Mountain. The next day I met up with Max, Fast Eddie, and Mike. It was early, but the forecast was showing we had a good day ahead of us. Only issue was it was blowing North not South.

We stopped at the old North launch, but with no tools to clear the brush it was not an option at all. Up at the South launch we setup and waited as the sun beat down on us. The Q's started forming and we could actually see the convergence line out front. The new streamers that Mike put out would show it blowing up the launch, but it was really just rotor from the back. You don't want to launch in that shit.

Then things started to change. The convergence line started to fill in and move back over Pine. One hell of a scary dust devil ripped up the paraglider launch. It would have been crazy if that was over where we were. Max punched off first, then Mike, followed by myself.

No problem the lift was great and up to cloud base we all went. Now the hard part was finding the line and following it to the next cloud. We tried to stay together, but ended up loosing each other. Eddie did a great job helping Mike and I know some trigger points and land marks.

We all made it across the bad lands, and over to Frazier Peak. None of us found anything good at Frazier and the North wind was not helping at all. We all landing in different parts around the mountain. I took the Airstrip, Max took a field owned by a nice farmer, and Mike landed at the truck stop at i5.

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Fort Funston Wind Direction

Fort Funston Wind Direction