Back in the sky

Tuesday was looking like a stellar day for Cayucos. I was even thinking that a shear could happen. With my arm feeling 95% better I tested loading the glider on my truck. That is actually the hardest part of the whole day, and I was able to load it with no pain or issue. I decided that I would try to fly and if my harness was pressing on my collar bone too much I would just land.

I arrived in Cayucos and Charlie was home so I picked him up and we went to get a burrito. The ocean was looking calm and maybe blocked. It was pretty warm out too.

I asked Charlie if he would like to take me on a tandem paraglider flight since it was looking to light for the hang glider. So we packed up the truck and setup his tandem. The flight was short, but I have never flown in a paraglider before so it was a cool feeling to be flying relaxing in a chair. A no step landing and I could see white caps marching in.

We quickly went and got his hang glider, ran the car up to the top, drove back down, left a car at the LZ, and drove back up to the top. It was blowing about 20 at this point. A little out of the North but not bad.

The flight was awesome. Starting out with a flight over to the dam. Then the back bowl where we tried to work the wave that was setting up. John Hesh came to join us in the air. After a while I got up to 1600 and decided to head south to Morro Rock. Having never done this I was stoked how easy it was, even finding lift over the ocean. I arrived at the "rock" at 1100. Soaring it for an hour and then landed down at the parking lot where it was blowing about 25. Not much protection from the wind, I strugled to get my glider back behind the bathrooms out of the wind. Some ladies pulled up and offered to help. Then Rohen Hyland from Big Sur showed up out of the choppy surf. Random who you run into right. Got the glider put away and we went for fish and chips and beer.

Broken Bone

A little over three weeks ago I smashed down on my shoulder flying 30 mph up a dirt road. The pain was sharp as I stood up picking my 400lb bike out of the ditch. I fell to the ground feeling my collar bone sticking out.

Doc said 6 week to heal on its own. The first week was pretty painful. Now it's just annoying and soar. What a setback, but maybe it will be stronger after it heals. Good thing it forced me to get insurance that I was lacking. The photo above cost me $1800 and an entire day sitting at the hospital. Oh but the bike is good!

Fort Funston Wind Direction

Fort Funston Wind Direction