Santa Barbara

Max gave the call for me to come down to SB and get some of the good air they have been having. Willy said the parts I ordered were in, so I decided to make a day trip down to SB. We met at East Beach at 10am, loaded Max's Toyota up and headed up to the Eliminator. We had seven pilots total.

The flight was awesome, with nice thermal climbs to around 4200. Some landed in Parma, Willy landed in some small field that a friend of his owns, and the rest of us landed at East Beach. Nice two hours in the in air, and back in Big Sur by 8:00.

Waddell with Hang Glider and Airplane

Today I got some nice air at Waddell. Just me and the sky. The back ridge was nasty with a warm east wind wrapping out of the canyon. Top of lift was around 545. Very smooth down below. Dolphins in the ocean and pelicans creeping by on the ridge.

My friend Nick landed on the runway with his bush plane and I hopped in for a ride. We did a tour out over the island and back behind Waddell. It was exciting landing in the Waddell rotor in an airplane. We hit the runway and then popped back up for a second. Thanks again Nick.

Ed Levin

Fort Funston Wind Direction

Fort Funston Wind Direction