New Wills Wings U2C

Here is my new glider at the Wills Wing Factory in Orange, CA. Stoked!

Here are some photos from the test flight with Willy Dydo. Stephen happened to be at AJ when Willy was there.

Slide and Hot Springs

Took a few days and went over the Sierra Nevada to Nevada to do some flying. The drive over the central was miserable as usual. Must have been 100 plus as soon as I went over Pacheco Pass. If only I didn't have to drive 6 hours to get to these awesome spots. The drive over 88 was nice. Almost no cars and dropped into the Carson valley around 6pm just in time to fly Hot Springs.

The flight at Hot Springs was good, getting up to 7000 and boating around in ridge lift mixed with thermals. I hiked back up to Steve's truck as the sun set on the last day of Spring.

The next two days I got to fly at Slide. First day we went to setup in the usual spot. The DOT had just put down fresh tar on the road and it was really bad. It stuck to your shoes so bad you couldn't walk. None of us wanted any of that on the gliders or gear. Steve put down a tarp and we were able to set the gliders up back at the ski resort parking lot and walk them out to launch. Still was a mess and Willy had to throw his shoes out. Haha. The second day we decided to launch from the snow pack where the paragliders were. It working out just fine.

The wind was North East the first day and East the second day. I had some great low saves both days and the second day was able to get to 10,700 with that view of Lake Tahoe.

If you ever have to wait in the Slide LZ there is a concrete culvert that's a good ten degrees cooler and a nice spot to take a nap out of the hot Nevada sun.

Here is a video of some of the flying:

Fort Funston Wind Direction

Fort Funston Wind Direction