Cuesta Ridge

Headed south around 101 to meet John Hesh and his driver Aaron. We had plans on flying Cuesta and heading XC to the North East. We checked out some of the landing options around Atascadero and then headed up to launch. John said we needed 3500 to leave the hill and head over the back. We only got to 3000 a few times.
The wind forecast was for SW all day, but that was not the case. It got really turbulent and it must have been the North West pushing through. John went and landed and I managed to fly a bit more, but found the lift to be fading away as the NW blew in. Two hours of fun ridge soaring and next time we will try again for some XC to the central valley.

Waddell Creek

A nice day at the bluff, with the dragon guarding the back ridge. You could not only feel the warm air as you got close, but it smelled like candle wax too. I worked on the trail going down to the setup area for an hour, and then flew for an hour and a half. Top of lift around 500.

Ed Levin

Fort Funston Wind Direction

Fort Funston Wind Direction