Big Creek

A gray day when I got to Waddell. Nice breeze but no caps. All the birds were flapping and staying away from the bluff. Maybe a hint of a wind line, but I could be seeing things. The streamers keep showing a breeze. I stand on launch ready to go for close to a half hour. I see some caps just filling in and go. No issue at all and up I went. Worked a slow climb over the top and the sun broke just as the caps marched in.

The dragon was in the canyon, but I eventually made it to the upper launch and 1600. By the end of the day I was parked over the setup area in pretty strong air hovering in place. I pulled off a nice top landing, and had issues breaking the glider down when the tip wand got stuck. With no one around to help, that sucked. I took the bolt apart and then that part broke. Frustrating as hell, but the flying was damn good. 

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Ed Levin

Fort Funston Wind Direction

Fort Funston Wind Direction